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Dr Lisa Orban
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Dr Lisa Orban is a chartered clinical psychologist, personal branding expert and founder of Golden Notebook.

Lisa Orban's Latest Posts

Five Simple Tricks to Sustaining an Energetic Personal Brand

Posted 2 years ago

Everyone has a personal brand. It’s often described as what others say about you when you are not in the room. The type of impression you create, along with the reputation you build for yourself, is a big part of personal branding. But what happens when good ol’ physiology, such as a depleted energy level, […]

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Polishing Your Personal Brand

Posted 3 years ago

There are some people who just seem so naturally polished and put together that we associate these attributes with their overall personal brand. For many of us, achieving that level of polish and togetherness takes a bit more thought and cultivation.  It’s not about wearing the latest labels or going to the latest hot spot […]

Inspiration Not Replication: Avoiding Copycat Personal Branding

Posted 3 years ago

How many times this week, have you been inspired by a celebrity, colleague or even just a random stranger on the train? Looking to others for inspiration in how to dress, decorate our homes, choose what books to read or communicate with others is only natural. In fact, much of what we learn throughout our […]

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