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Kaye Holland
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Kaye is a freelance writer for The Sybarite, reporting on the latest luxury news and trends from around the world.

Kaye Holland's Latest Posts

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Luxurious Private Cinemas in Hotels Around the World

Posted 3 years ago

Can’t stomach another night of drinking and dining? Why not try an evening with the stars on for size. But if watching a flick in your local multiplex holds little appeal, panic not. The Sybarite has the low-down in on the hottest hotel cinemas around the world. Popcorn at the ready… The Berkeley This much loved […]

Tee Time: The Growing Popularity Of Golf In China

Posted 3 years ago

The People’s Republic of China is on the verge of a ping dynasty. The Sybarites has the low-down on how and why the Chinese are going golf crazy. China may be famous for blockbuster sights such as the Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square and Terracotta warriors but it’s fast becoming known […]

Grand Cayman: The Caribbean’s Cultural Capital

Posted 3 years ago

Located as it is, close to both Barbados and the Bahamas, Grand Cayman often gets overlooked, but the idyllic isle is well worth a visit. Grand Cayman is a vibrant Caribbean island with a higher per capita income than either the US or Britain and an enviable standard of living. Grand Cayman also plays host […]

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