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| Ruth Tertilt

The Nautilus Series – Day 2

One aspect you’ll always remember here and one that has guests returning is that as soon as you wake up you’re not reminded of the time you have left to make it to the breakfast buffet. Instead you wake up, take your time, or like us get woken up by the kids who are raring to jump into the warm pool. If you may recall from our last entry, dining is at anywhere and at anytime here. Bliss.

We walked like there was a song in our step on our way to breakfast feeling liberated and at total ease. We were breathing in The Nautilus experience and it felt amazing. We had breakfast at Thyme where they had an enclosed mini buffet area full of wonderful breakfast delights. There was of course an extensive breakfast menu to order from but of course, if there is a dish that isn’t on the menu, feel free to ask. We gave this option a go and ordered something very unexpected – congee (savoury rice porridge). We were completely surprised when our order showed up on our table because it was actually congee. This part of our dining experience somewhat summed up The Nautilus for us, an aspect that took time for us to fully digest as almost anywhere else in the Maldives this (we felt) wouldn’t happen. Well,  it can happen here, take our word for it and don’t be surprised. Why? Because this is your time to ask for anything that  you so crave with a team at the ready to deliver it. 

After feeling satiated we took our kids to the Kids Club for more fun-filled activities. Today was ‘Superhero Day’ and we happily left our five-year old for most of the day while we experienced a healing session with Ananda’s Yogic Master Sandeep. To say the session elevated us is an understatement. It was a one to one session where Sandeep spent time explaining the history of yoga, its meaning and its purpose, before holding a one to one guided meditation with us. We were given sound advice and guidance on how to practice our meditation and how it could ultimately help with our anxiety levels. The session and practice was truly unexpected and provided us with positive feelings and immense gratitude. It was also a great introduction to what Ananda does for its clients. It was a gateway for Nautilus guests who wanted one to one yoga or meditation sessions without committing to a program. It was also a way for guests to have the opportunity to ask their questions regarding what the Ananda experience is and for us, the one to one guided meditation session was a deep and meaningful introduction to the world of Ananda. 

The yoga room at Solasta spa.
Ananda’s Yogic Master Sandeep in deep meditation.
The Beach House – a luxury chic home away from home.

The session was followed by a spa treatment at The Nautilus’ Solasta Spa – a healing sanctuary of highly skilled therapists who care deeply about its guests’ wellbeing. A personalised approach is what Solasta spa offers, so you can actually come here and explain your areas of concern and its therapist will not suggest based on what’s in the menu but rather suggest what needs to be done to alleviate the aches and pains through a personalised treatment. For us, we decided to undergo an Omorovicza facial and a personalised massage – a slow and steady approach had us savouring the entire treatment. We left feeling even lighter than we had been. What sets Solasta Spa apart for us came down to the therapists and spa’s flexibility. Warmly managed by its Spa Manager, Soso, it was apparent that  her genuine love and care for her team of therapists was responsible for emanating a kind, warm and welcoming attitude throughout the space. Each guest that enters Solasta Spa is deeply looked after and paid attention to. Should a guest wish to have their treatment in their villa or elsewhere on the premises, they can feel free to let their butler know. The same applies for timing – whichever time a guest would like to have their treatment done, they simply let their butlers know and voilà, it is organized.  The choice is up to the guest and the guest only – anytime, anywhere, the guests are the priority.

The breath-taking Solasta Spa.
Inside one of Solasta’s spa treatment rooms.

By evening time we made it for The Nautilus Rising at the Naiboli bar before having dinner at their fusion restaurant Ocaso, which serves a mixture of Japanese, Peruvian and Mexican inspired dishes. We ordered their sushi boat filled with fresh and succulent sashimi slices and sushi’s as well as guacamole and tacos. This starter was enough to make us full but we went on a culinary adventure once again and proceeded to order something off-menu – Ikura (salmon roe) sushi. Lo and behold it caught us by surprise once again because what we asked for was delivered, and it was delicious. One will soon realise that dining at The Nautilus is also another strong aspect that sets this private island resort apart from the rest. A menu exists to let its guests know what type of cuisine is offered but otherwise order what you will wherever you want and it will be brought to you. While this was happening our butler was busy setting up an outdoor cinema for our children which unfortunately couldn’t happen outdoors due to the weather. Our butler then proceeded to move everything indoors and laid out a children’s movie of our choice with bowls of popcorn and other treats. 

We returned to our chic home away from home to find a lovingly prepared movie and popcorn set-up for our children, which our butler magically created behind the scenes. The remainder of the evening was spent relaxing in our villa, contemplating on the healing session and meditation we had, thinking this place is unlike anything we’d expected and that luxury has been given a different definition by The Nautilus – the freedom to dictate your own time. After all, shouldn’t that be one’s definition of a true holiday? Doing things on your own terms? Asking for things that are far-fetched but magically put together for the sake of your own pleasure? Someone that wants to come to the Maldives with a desire for this crucial aspect of service can be found here. By day two, you will be breathing in The Nautilus air and you’ll want it to linger. 


Ocaso restaurant by day.
The Ocaso restaurant wine cellar.
Crystal healing in session.
Cinema under the stars. Although we didn’t get to have the setup outdoors due to the weather this is what it actually looks like on the beach.
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