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| Ruth Tertilt

The Nautilus – A Q&A with General Manager Andre Miethig

The Sybarite wanted to understand The Nautilus beyond its stellar service and luxury island appeal so we sat down with their General Manager, Andre Miethig to discuss what makes The Nautilus what it is and how its guests view this unique and unrivalled destination.

How would you describe and define the overall Nautilus experience? What sets this private island apart from any other retreat of its kind, especially in the Maldives?

The Nautilus is the most bespoke ultra-luxury island experience without the commitment of a complete buyout. With only 26 houses and residences, our island hideaway is all about bespoke experiences and hyper-personalisation, where guests can truly express themselves. This low guest count enables us to provide a level of service personalisation and individualisation that is not possible on larger properties. Our anytime, anywhere, as you please vision allows our guests to experience complete freedom, as all the restrictions usually associated with a luxury resort in the Maldives, such as set times, rigid menus and services assigned to specific areas, are not applicable at The Nautilus. 

What is one aspect that lures your guests back to The Nautilus and how do you try to ensure that they keep coming back? 

Our House Master service, which takes ‘bespoke’ to a new level of luxury. Our House Masters are as friendly as they are efficient and dedicated to each guest exclusively. They are the ideal combination of a full butler service, a personal assistant, an attentive host and a knowledgeable concierge and number-one contact person during our guests’ stay on the island – and even beyond. Our care for our guests’ wellbeing begins long before they even set foot on our shores. Once they have booked their accommodation, the House Master will reach out to enquire about their particular preferences, the details that make our guests unique, their dream activities, concerns and dislikes, to begin crafting a wholly personalised home away from home and escape for the guest and their loved ones. On arrival, our guests find their house or residence set up exactly to their tastes: their favourite drinks in the minibar; their choice of luxurious bath amenities; their preferred books, newspapers or magazines and the infinity pool temperature set to the perfect degree. Our guests are welcomed with a selection of once-in-a-lifetime suggestions and ideas on how to spend their sun-filled days, balmy nights and every lingering moment in between. Throughout their stay, they get to know each guest better, become more familiar with their needs and preferences and, ultimately, exceed our guests’ expectations of hospitality. Our guests keep coming back because of the hyper-personalisation and genuine care. Our guests truly appreciate the level of service we provide, the attention to detail, and their individual needs.

What do you think it is about The Nautilus that has guests feeling so comfortable in their villas that they could actually spend an entire day without needing to step out? 

The Nautilus’s houses and residences offer unrivalled space and privacy. Ranging in size from 282 to 922 square metres, our houses and residences are some of the largest in the market, and with a minimum of nine metres between each residence, our guests enjoy maximum privacy. All our houses are designed to resemble a fully self-contained home where our guests feel truly at ease, as they are fitted with features that feel far more at home than a hotel room. Each residence is a secluded haven with spacious bedrooms including en-suite bathrooms and outdoor showers, separate spacious living rooms, a wide sundeck with an impressive temperature controlled freshwater infinity pool and our attentive House Master service, taking great delight in setting the perfect scene for an island getaway, one that is fully tailored to our guests’ exact preferences and unique style. 

Do you have any examples to share of how you and your team anticipated a guest’s wishes that might have seemed far-fetched but that you managed to realise? How was this done and if there are instances where something might not be possible, how do you communicate this across to the guest, i.e. do you find other alternatives? 

Anticipating our guests’ wishes is our daily focus. We see it as our responsibility to learn as much as possible about our guests and to make their stay as pleasant and smooth as possible. At the same time, we are constantly thinking one step ahead to be able to surprise our guests with highly personalised small gestures. Of course, we cannot always meet all the exact requests and wishes of our guests. For example, due to our remote location, we have certain limitations to realise ad-hoc orders, e. g. if a guest requests a specific brand of an item that is not available via our existing supplier network. But so far, we have always been able to find an equivalent alternative for our guests, and they have always appreciated our efforts to have done everything possible to meet and exceed their needs.

What would you tell a newcomer to The Nautilus to come here for? What descriptions or highlights would you give for those considering a stay at The Nautilus? 

The Nautilus is a place where nothing is fixed, and anything is possible. Where you are free to set your own beat. Free to do – and to be – as you please. On our island, you never have to check the time at any point throughout your stay. There are no clocks, watches are discouraged, and scheduling is kept deliberately loose across all aspects of our guest experience. There is no opening or closing times for restaurants, bars or diving excursions, you can eat when you are hungry or visit the spa when you feel like it – not when “it’s time”. 

What exciting things can we look forward to about The Nautilus? 

We are continuously working on improving our services and adapting them even better to the needs of our guests. For example, we are currently working with our valued partner, Ananda In The Himalayas, the world’s top ranked destination spa and wellness retreat, on upgrading our wellbeing offerings. Such as new and first of its kind wellbeing experiences at Solasta Spa and our guests can experience Ananda’s Gourmet Ayurveda cuisine with an especially curated menu for The Nautilus that incorporates the six fundamental food tastes of sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent and combined with the three macronutrients of protein, fat and carbohydrates, vital to good health in our restaurants. We are also preparing for our “Manta Ray Symposium” in view of the upcoming Manta Ray Season and so much more – why don’t you sign up for The Nautilus Conch, our news channel, via which we stay in touch with our guests and inform about the latest innovations at The Nautilus:

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