Shoryu Ramen: London’s Best Minimalist Noodle Bars

Ramen seems to be one of those dishes that’s popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years. Whether you are a fan already or have never tried it before Shoryu Ramen is a place you need to visit. Specialising in Pork Broth Ramen, Shoryu Ramen in Shoreditch is a minimalist noodle bar with a vibrant atmosphere.

Conveniently located by Old Street station, Shoryu Ramen is the perfect spot to stop off and grab some dinner with a friend after work. The intimately spaced restaurant has a busy city vibe with friendly and efficient customer service. As soon as you walk in you are welcomed with the staff bellowing “Irasshaimase!” whilst banging a drum.

When it comes down to the food I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I am no Ramen connoisseur, in fact, this was only the second time I had eaten it, but it was absolutely beautiful. We were told that the Octopus balls are a bestseller and I can tell you they really are delicious so I can see why! I left feeling full but not like I needed to be rolled to the station which is a great feeling when coming out of a restaurant.

There are many different locations all in convenient areas of London so wherever you live you are bound to have a Shoryu Ramen close by.

I would recommend going if you have never been before and I will definitely return.

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