Trinity Hammocks Launches In The UK With The Sybarite

The Sybarite is pleased to announce that it is exclusively launching Trinity Hammocks in the UK.

The award-winning bespoke luxury hammock company has partnered with The Sybarite to make their four hammock styles available to customers across Britain for the first time: Infinity, Unity, Duality and Eternity.

Designed and created by Gilbert Tourville, whose passion for travel gave rise to the motto: “relax, enjoy, share”, Trinity Hammocks was born out of a desire to turn hammocking into a sharing, social experience rather than a solitary one.

Design, comfort and durability are Trinity Hammocks’ foremost priorities and that is why they work only with the most recognised marine-grade outdoor materials available on the market. Built with water repellant and UV resistant materials, these high-quality hammocks are guaranteed to be long-lasting.

The hammocks each have their own distinctive style and supporting structures are suitable for any indoor and outdoor environment.

For more information and to purchase a Trinity Hammocks product, visit our feature page.

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