Luxury fashion with a conscience

Luxury fashion with a conscience – how many times has one heard that line? Nowadays brands have become equally aware of the environmental impact caused by manufacturing processes and the garments used to create delectable pieces of clothing.

We can say that luxury fashion is only becoming more luxurious when environmentally friendly and ethical processes are employed in each piece of clothing or accessory. The time it takes to the methods used is almost a work of art in itself. What is more, the art of preservation where ancient techniques are hailed and therefore preserved not only for their uniqueness but also for their incredible originality that cannot be replicated as easily.

The importance of preserving sheer craftsmanship and valuing the ethical responsibilities of a brand is one that The Sybarite celebrates. Surprisingly, an increasing number of luxury fashion brands are basing their philosophies on the values of ethical, ecological and technological implementations. Take for example Maiyet, a brand featuring a poetic category selection such as clothing, shoes to jewelry and bags, but all with one factor in common – the employment of rare artisanal skills from unexpected places. But it isn’t just that, Maiyet ( also forges strong partnerships with artisans, craftsmen and entrepreneurs in developing economies to promote self-sufficiency and further trains them with their independent nonprofit organization, Nest.

Or take a look at Gossip Girl celebrity, Blake Lively whose platform, Preserve (, has garnered a good number of artisans not just in luxury fashion for men, women and children but also things like artisanal food. The derivation for the name of Lively’s site is self-explanatory but the aim is to essentially preserve the stories of artisans, their approach and philosophies.

Another small luxury brand gaining momentum is African fashion and lifestyle label, Lalesso ( where they strongly encourage transparency in their entire production cycle to produce fabulous vibrant print designs. Like Maiyet, they too set up their own independent, charity based, ecological and ethical clothing production unit that supports local talent and provides skills training as well as employment to Kenyans.

Then there are bigger names like Stella McCartney (, a brand that focuses strongly on ethical fashion by employing eco-friendly garments in each collection. Even Tiffany & Co. ( is committed to sourcing their diamonds in an environmentally responsible manner having bought Laurelton Diamonds in 2002 providing Tiffany & Co. with traceability of the diamonds it mines.

Regardless of where we are at with technological advancement in the fashion industry, it is still a relief to know that there are a good number of brands out there encouraging the preservation of craftsmanship whilst creating opportunities for developing economies and thus making a conscious effort to conduct business in a mindful and sustainable way.

Image source: Lalesso

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