The Sybarite Spoke to Laura Kay London, Leading Permanent Makeup Specialist

With permanent makeup becoming increasingly popular over the last few years we spoke to leading permanent makeup specialist Laura Kay from Laura Kay London.

After doing family friend and GMTV fitness presenter Nikki Waterman’s makeup back at the tender age of 15, Laura realised she had found her calling and after receiving high praise from Nikki, hasn’t looked back and has been in the beauty industry for the last 20 years.


With the results of microblading being so desirable, as they are realistic looking and cuts down down on time spent recreating perfectly defined brows each and every morning. In Laura’s opinion permanent makeup is on the rise and won’t be a fad or trend that fizzles out quite quickly because it ‘provides subtle, everyday beauty enhancements for a longer period of time’. Whilst having her own Makeup Clinic at Fortnum and Mason’s, Laura would often be told by her clients that they loved her work so much, that they had then slept in their makeup. This then sparked the idea of learning how to do permanent makeup, and since then Laura hasn’t stopped going forwards. Now owning a clinic in Elstree, and working in a number of high profile clinics in London, Laura launched her own training academy ‘Laura Kay London Academy’ where she teaches and encourages others to pursue a career in permanent makeup and medical tattooing.


To get to the top of the industry, Laura has had challenges thrown at her from all directions, and the main source of inspiration to keep her going was the dream she had always wanted to follow. Because she started out in the industry at such a young age she found that ‘people wouldn’t take her seriously’ which led to working for free in order to gain experience and move up the ladder.

Laura claims that the key to her success is staying focused and ‘if you are passionate about what you do, you will be successful.’


Laura Kay is a leading Permanent Makeup Specialist. For more information go to


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