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In Conversation with Patricia Gucci, Founder of Aviteur

As the daughter of Aldo Gucci, and the granddaughter of Guccio Gucci, founder of the famous same-name brand, Patricia Gucci’s surname can’t go unnoticed. But Patricia is more than her heritage – she is the visionary, Founder and Creative Director of Aviteur, a high-end luxury luggage brand that is taking the elite travel luxury world by storm.

We talked to Patricia about her experience of working and growing up with the Gucci legacy, her latest Aviteur adventure and how important it is to bring something new to the market.

Your family heritage is important and very well known – especially for leather goods. Do you draw inspiration from growing up with the Gucci brand? Would you have chosen another direction in your life if it hadn’t been for your roots?

I draw inspiration from my father, who instilled a sense of beauty, perfection, and innovation. These are the values that have always shaped me, however launching Aviteur was more about creating something new, something extraordinary. Growing up, I wanted to be an actress but there was no escaping working at Gucci. So I suppose, yes, had it not been for my roots I may well have chosen a different path but here we are!

How would you describe Aviteur in five words? Why did you choose to start a brand focused mainly on travel goods?

Discreet (no logos), Innovative, Authentic, Collectible, Timeless.

What does Aviteur do differently to other elite and global luxury brands?

Having launched just six months before the pandemic outbreak in 2020, we were able to avoid a lot of the issues faced by the big luxury brands. It’s been tough out there but thankfully for us, our Direct-to-Consumer strategy has allowed us to continue developing one-of-a-kind, bespoke products for our customers around the world without being saddled with retail overheads and lots of fashion-sensitive unsold stock. The shift to digital was definitely accelerated over the last 18 months and we feel like we’re ahead of the game.

Innovation goes hand in hand with Aviteur. What is the most innovative design feature of Aviteur’s carry-on leather luggage cases?

Aviteur makes products that are immediately recognisable by their design and distinctive features. The jewel in our crown is the Carry-on, which gave rise to the brand and remains the stand-out product in our range. The translucent, buttonless handle (patent pending) is what really sets us apart from the pack. Carved out of a solid block of Lucite, it emerges from the leather case like a ray of light, creating a feeling of preciousness but also a sense of integrity with the product as a whole. I like the idea of combining old world luxury with modern luxury and the handle was a perfect opportunity to bring these elements together. A lot of Carry-ons have fairly generic, flimsy handles, and we wanted something that was not only going to be unique but robust as well. Then we have the silent wheels, conceived for the cobbled streets of Venice after the Mayor banned “noisy trollies”…. I could go on.

Your daughter Victoria is your major supporter. Is your bond with your daughter a vital part of the success of Aviteur?

Yes, Victoria is an important contributor on several fronts – photography, social media, PR and event coordination. She had been working at Hearst Publishing in New York for a few years and was thinking about her next move. The timing was perfect for her to join our team and when I proposed the idea, she upped stakes to Milan so she could be closer to the creative and production process. Family business runs deep with us and I’m really happy she’s been able to develop her talent at Aviteur.

“The world is evolving all the time and we plan to evolve with it” What does the future hold for Aviteur?

We started out by making products for the jet class but we are looking beyond luxury travel to lifestyle categories that are not necessarily related to flying. For Aviteur, the sky is quite literally the limit!


Favourite city break?
London – still the city with the most variety and, for me, the greatest of them all.
Favourite restaurant in the world? What would you order?
Es Xarco in Ibiza is one of my all-time favorites. I’ll order Lubina with sliced potatoes “al horno” – there’s nothing like it anywhere in the world. It’s a family-run restaurant on the beach, the standard is consistently excellent and the ambience is, well, Ibiza.
Beach holiday or hitting the slopes?
Definitely beach.
You can only wear three luxury brands for the rest of your life (aside from Aviteur of course) what would they be?
La Perla, Bulgari, Hermes.
Favourite Aviteur piece you have created?
The Carry-on – the first and still the one that’s closest to my heart.
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