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Discover the experience of a lifetime; something bigger than you could ever imagine. We’re passionate about enjoying life and are eager to transport you to whole new worlds of luxury and decadence with the best of our hand-selected Lifestyle and Travel experiences. An experience is the best gift we can award to ourselves and to others, not only by bringing joy at the time but by allowing us to create memories which will last a lifetime. Travelling the world with our nearest and dearest generates a lifetime that is rich with memories. If you’re waiting to be inspired, look no further. Whatever it is that satisfies your senses, we strive to offer an experience that encapsulates just that, whether it be a dash of adventure, the exclusivity of a privatised tour or viewing, or an exotic escape to the other side of the world.

Our experiences are chosen to ignite the passions of the biggest sports fan, the most accomplished food-lover or the most ambitious traveller. If you’re filled with lust and curiosity for the marvellous world around you, we’re here to help you discover locations, venues and events you haven’t even thought of yet; discover these places through our experiences.  Our features are all handpicked to ensure only the very best of unique luxury experiences and trips are included so that you have a perfect, refined selection to dive into and feed your wanderlust. We invite you to explore The Sybarite’s carefully curated array of experiences and unleash your inner traveller and Bon Vivant, so you might experience more of the wonderful world and make your desires a reality.

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Book Now: Escape to The Nautilus Maldives via Private Jet

Enjoy an ultra-exclusive escape to the Indian Ocean with The Nautilus Maldives, an impeccably private island resort in the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Baa Atoll, and private jet specialists Dominvs Aviation.

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A Holiday with a Purpose, A Bootcamp at Amansala in Tulum

Read more and view the full post.

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For the Adventure-Seeker Discover the Intrepid Adventure in the Windward Islands

From luscious emerald landscapes and shimmering reefs, to extreme hiking
and the discovery of a diverse underwater world, the Windward Islands cater for both the adventure seeker and the paradise hunter.

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Grand Touring Through the Swiss Alps with the Ultimate Supercars

In partnership with Pelorus, combine exploring the best alpine roads in Europe in some of the fastest
supercars with world-class hospitality and adrenaline-fuelled experiences.

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For Private Hire: A Most Magical Escape to Morocco with family and friends at Dar El Sadaka

An utterly unique, irresistibly fun villa, nestled in the Palmeraie of Marrakech with acres and acres of complete privacy, art at every corner, exquisite culinary experiences and exceptional service with a touch of home-like hospitality. What more could you want? 

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Cruise the Mekong in close pursuit of a glorious past aboard a most magical vessel

Discover rich heritage and traditions enriched by 2,000 years of human history aboard a truly unique vessel for a truly immersive, meaningful and personalised luxury experience in this culture-rich landscape over 4 nights. 

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