Kindling x The Sybarite – Eat Out To Help Out Campaign

Kindling Restaurant is a world where food connects us with friends, community, our soul & our environment. Fire is at the heart of everything we do.

Kindling Restaurant is about more than just the food, it is a community of people: staff, customers and suppliers all sharing and celebrating food and knowledge. Nature writes our menu as the seasons inspire the food we cook.

We promises to entice, surprise and stimulate.

Our plant-based dishes use produce that is fresh, seasonal and minimally processed. Our meat is sourced as ethically and locally as possible and raised free range by farmers who believe in cruelty-free care. Our fish is caught as sustainably and locally as possible to help protect fish populations by respecting their habitats.At the heart of our restaurant lies our grill, on which we use natural charcoal with no additives, to bring our dishes to life.

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The Sybarite is teaming up with the fine dining industry to support the Eat out to Help Out initiative, reviving the dining out scene. If you’re in the fine dining industry that is part of the scheme and interested in teaming up with us please get in touch at [email protected]. If you are a restaurant interested in our campaign but have yet to join the scheme, we have provided more information here

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3rd - 31st August

Please always read our terms & conditions before booking.

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