Jet Ski On Hudson River & Abandoned Ellis Island Hospital Tour

You may have been on a walking tour or a boat tour – but have you ever been on a jet ski tour? This is your chance. Ride a jet ski on the Hudson river, taking in historic sights such as the Statue of Liberty and the general views of New York City. You’ll get to see everything including going all the way up to Harlem from the water.

Have the freedom to go as fast as you want on the water – an exhilarating experience without the need for a boating license. Whatever the occasion, these jet ski tours are a perfect way to spend the day; be it a company party or a date.

Have you ever imagined yourself walking through an abandoned hospital from the early 1900’s? If you’re going to be near Ellis Island on your jet ski, you may as well go and visit this mysterious hospital to complete your day. Stroll through the hospital and see rooms that were once disease wards and autopsy rooms. As an added bonus, this package allows you to see areas that are usually off-limits to the public.

This hospital tour is not just looking around different rooms, also inside the building is an exhibition which includes life-sized photographs of the immigrants who were patients at the hospital; installed by world renowned artist JR.

If you really want to see the depths of New York City, this is the experience for you. With a mix of thrill and intrigue, let the explorer in you run free.

Make the most of your time in the Big Apple with these tailored experiences.


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