Discover Polar Bears across the Svalbard Archipelago

The Sybarite has teamed up with Pelorus experts to offer you this unique experience where you will be gliding across the glacial landscape of Svalbard in search of the king of the Arctic, the polar bear, to learn about how they have adapted to the most hostile environment on earth.

Far removed from civilisation, set out with your expert guides, riding snowmobiles from Longyearbyen to the east coast of Svalbard, crossing the large inland glacial ice cap that separates the east and west coast whilst searching for the magical polar bears who roam this stark and beautiful landscape. Spend the night camping in the heart of the Svalbard archipelago. Things can be made surprisingly comfortable and the true luxury here
comes in the form of peace, quiet and remoteness, bringing out closest to the wild nature of Svalbard itself. After a magical night in the pristine wilderness, continue your snowmobiling journey the following morning.

Glide across another large ice cap to visit the inner east coast fjords and search for more polar bear encounters. You may also encounter a variety of enchanting Arctic wildlife, including foxes, puffins, and reindeer. Trade
your snowmobiles for dog sled as you let these charming huskies load you across the ice, stopping to explore an ice cave in one of the large glaciers on the island.

Explore an abandoned Russian mining town, almost perfectly preserved in the state in which it was left when some 3000 miners were told to move out overnight. With the exception of Chernobyl, there are few better examples of desert towns anywhere in the world. Your experience comes to an end upon reaching Huset, where you will delight in flavoursome food from the best restaurant on the islands, as well as, one of the largest and most celebrated wine cellars in northern Europe.

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March to May

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  • Expert guides to take you through the inland glacial ice cap to search for the magical polar bears.
  • Camping in the heart of the Svalbard archipelago.
  • Delight in some flavoursome food from the best restaurant on the islands.
  • You can expect intimate encounters with walrus colonies and polar bears, and for certain periods will be the most northerly people on Earth.

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