30 Days of Wellness in Koh Samui, Thailand

Tis the season for indulgence, but with the New Year soon upon us, it is time to reconnect with your inner and outer wellness. Tucked away on the island of Koh Samui, the Absolute Sanctuary offers the perfect mix of fitness, pampering and nutrition.

Whether you are looking to detox, pamper, de-stress, manage your weight, change your lifestyle, indulge in yoga and pilates or simply enjoy a meaningful holiday, the 30-days of Wellness Programme will help you reach your goals. With 12 different programs across 9 categories you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to nurturing your mind, body and spirit.

The three-phase Lifestyle Change programme is the ultimate self-care experience, guiding guests through a physical, emotional and spiritual transformation, whilst supporting their journeys with expert knowledge and fitness instruction. The transformative process is aided by the resort’s exceptional facilities and expert instructors. The variety of exercise on offer is huge, from muscle-toning suspension classes to fat-torching HIIT to core-strengthening Pilates.

The spa facilities which offer a range of pampering treatments cements the resort’s position as a 360-degree wellness centre. Complete nutrition programmes are offered in the on-site restaurant, and the resort’s ethos is that detoxing and healthy eating can still be achieved with tasty, nutritious food.

The Signature 30 Days of Wellness programme is broken down into three phases, but can be tailored to a variety of goals:

Phase 1 – Cleansing Phase (1 week)

A fasting and detox plan will reset the body’s digestive system, and guests are encouraged to free their minds of all negative thought patterns. Emphasis is placed on enjoying the calming environment of the sanctuary and leaving any worries far behind. Once the fast is broken, energy levels rise, and guests feel lighter and sharper with a renewed connection between mind, body and soul.

Phase 2 – Active Phase (2 weeks)

An extensive exercise program is introduced with multiple daily physical activities (private and group yoga, reformer Pilates and fitness classes). This activity is complemented by a healthy meal plan to nourish the body, support weight loss if required and repair muscles. Guests also have daily spa treatments and learn new skills through cooking classes, stress management, lifestyle coaching and nutritional counselling.

Phase 3 – Celebration Phase (1 week)

Guests enter the final part of the programme feeling positively charged, empowered and transformed. They have daily spa treatments and massages, and revel in their newfound energy and confidence. An integral part of the last phase is the symbolic releasing activities to let go of any bad habits, and a monk blessing to welcome the new you.


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