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Meet Edward, your bespoke wine curator

Edward was born in London and raised in Chelsea in the ‘Swinging Sixties’. After prep school in Oxford and a north London grammar school, headed into the booming City of London of the 1980’s. By the turn of the millennium and after spells in New York City and Monte Carlo he turned to the wine business.

What had started as a twice yearly run to Champagne for his city friends morphed into a business importing and distributing Champagne in the UK Europe the USA and Asia.

By the age of 50 it was time for a change and Edward left his base in Mayfair and headed to his family home in a mountain village in Granada for a supposedly quieter life.


How it works

  1. We work exclusively with smaller producers in the Champagne region. We believe their product reflects the terroir of their land—something which is often lost by the larger producer who might be looking for product consistency across various tracts of land in different parts of the Champagne region.
  2. Learn more about the grapes that have gone into your bottles, from distinct flavours to the occasions they are best suited to, to food pairings and fun facts about the vineyards. Our curator provides detailed information on each champagne that we stock.
  3. You can customize your champagne profile quarterly, which allows you to taste and order accordingly, depending on which bubbles you want when.
  4. Keep your favourites or try something entirely new, from your first champagne order to your next. Have a specific request? We have bespoke packages available for whatever your champagne needs may be.

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A Year in Champagne

, start your Champagne journey with a Premier Cru from Rilly-la-Montagne and progress to the Grand Cru villages of Ambonnay, where Krug has its’ Clos d’Ambonnay Avize and Tours-Sur-Marne the home of Laurent-Perrier.

Our Vineyard: Philippe Brugnon

Let us start with the Champagnes of Philippe Brugnon, a fourth generation grower from Rilly-la-Montagne on the Montagne de Reims. Rilly-la-Montagne is 1er Cru and is also the home of Champagne Cattier, the producer of Armand de Brignac. Philippe’s land in Rilly la Montagne is given over mainly to the Pinot Noir grape where it thrives and is noticeable in his cuvees.

The Pinot Noir tends to produce a wine with notes of red fruits, has great body and tends to be ready to drink earlier than the Chardonnay which requires much more bottle age for the acidity to turn to fruit. This is why I tend to order Blanc de Blancs Champagne (100% Chardonnay) only when it is Vintage and has a minimum of 9 years age from the year of harvest.

The picture of the statue of Bacchus (the Roman god of wine) on the label is a give away that Rilly-la-Montagne is a place for good wines!


Brugnon Brut

Flavour – A Champagne of intense fruits of apples and raisins on the nose. In the mouth this Champagne is refreshingly dry with great body and length. Philippe has the patience in his Champagne making not to use malolactic fermentation and this Brut is beautifully aged.

Food pairings – The versatility of the Brut allows it to shine at receptions with canapes, but is best served with grilled chicken, try wild mushroom risotto, rosti, tuna tartare.


Brugnon Rosé

Flavour – An explosion of red fruits on the nose, one almost has to wait to savour the fruits. In the mouth on the palate this produces a long dry satisfying finish. This rosé is dry and fresh and does not leave the ‘dirty mouth’ sensation associated with other more industrial rosés.

Food pairings – Serve the Rosé with smoked salmon and dill, salmon en croute, dressed crab, grilled lobster & chips


Brugnon 2011

Flavour – This is a tremendous vintage Champagne absolutely at its’ peak. The Chardonnay is fully developed and it gives off that distinctly ‘pruny’ taste which demonstrates that it is at its’ best. The paleness of the Chardonnay has given way to a rich golden Champagne.

Food pairings – Great with wedding cake!! Raspberries and cream a glass of the 2011 will complement almost anything fruity and sweet.


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