Age Before Beauty

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  Our resident ‘how-to’ writer puts forward the case for botox and filler treatments before you turn 30.   As I approach my 30th birthday, I have been researching facial aesthetics. Having previously tried and tested facial fillers before; lips and cheekbones due to the Instagram-beauty wave that filtered through my millennial generation (thank you […]


Introducing LARQ Bottle Movement

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For those who want to reduce their plastic usage, reusable water bottles seem to be one of the easiest ways to start. However, keeping these bottles clean and smell-free has become an added task that people on the move are not thrilled about. Enter LARQ, the health and wellness brand that created the revolutionary self-cleaning […]

BelleCell Regeneration Clinic – Review

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In a quiet and unassuming courtyard to the rear of the Ritz lies the secret to total wellness on a molecular level.  Descending the spiral staircase to, the rumoured, Churchill’s Wine cellar is a journey into a space that he would not recognise. Although wine is not stored in the vaults, what has replaced the […]