Bitcoin: a 5-day timeline

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Since Wednesday, Bitcoin has experienced some of its bumpiest rides so far, as the recent volatility following the announcement by Mike Belshe has been extreme. The Sybarite has outlined a brief timeline of its volatile journey during the last few days. 8 November: Bitcoin hit a record high at just below $8,000. The dramatic surge […]


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Every week, The Sybarite collates its pick of the hottest luxury lifestyle news into bite-size chunks. In this week’s edition, we cover the opening of Agatha Christie’s favourite hangout, membership club Mortimer House, a four-course Piemonte truffle dinner at Rotorino and a mother-daughter collaboration for gin lovers.   Manetta’s As the Fleming hotel approaches its 170th […]

The Rise and Fall of the Spanish Economy

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Spain has suffered a long period of economic uncertainty over the last nine years, but research has shown the country’s economy is bouncing back, with levels of gross domestic product set to exceed that of pre-2008. Following the launch of the single currency in 1999, Spanish money became incredibly easy to borrow, with interest rates […]

personal brand

Polishing Your Personal Brand

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There are some people who just seem so naturally polished and put together that we associate these attributes with their overall personal brand. For many of us, achieving that level of polish and togetherness takes a bit more thought and cultivation.  It’s not about wearing the latest labels or going to the latest hot spot […]

art fair

A New Way to Invest in Fine Art

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In uncertain times, the fine art market offers a reassuring investment opportunity. Largely immune to political change, it is less volatile than currencies or capital markets. The global market was worth more than $45billion last year, a 1.7% annual increase, according to the European Fine Art Foundation Report 2017. Prices have fallen back a little […]

Women-Only Private Members Clubs

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Drawing on the tradition of men-only clubs established in the west-end of London, women have been focusing to even out this sexist tradition with their own, intelligently led private members clubs – from 1888, when the University Club for Ladies opened on New Bond Street at the instigation of Gertrude Jackson, from Girton College, Cambridge. Clubs […]