The Best of The BAFTAs 2018

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The 71st British Academy Film Awards, more commonly known as the BAFTAs, were held last night at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Welcoming some of the biggest names in film, the absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley introduced this year’s BAFTAs with some incredible acrobatics from the company of Cirque du Soleil. “Power to the people.” […]

Film maker Therese Shechter: “Being child free could be considered a luxury”

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Therese Shechter is about to make the first film out there about women who consciously decide not to have kids. The film, My So-Called Selfish Life, is funded via a Kickstarter campaign, (Shechter’s third crowdfunded film project), which closes next week. The film will show how choosing to be child free in today’s society is […]

London Art Week

London Art Week: Our Recommendations

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Between the 30th June and 7th July, galleries across London are opening their doors and hosting some of the world’s most renowned artists. This highly anticipated event will draw in thousands of art enthusiasts from all around the globe over the week. London Art Week focuses on the celebration of ‘an array of exceptional art from […]

Tips and Advice on Art and Antique Buying

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Mary Claire Boyd, – Fair Director for over 20 years at The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia -shares her first-time buyers’ guide to antiques, how to buy, focusing on negotiating, how to tell if it’s a genuine article and the importance of vetting. The art and antiques world can certainly seem mysterious to those outside it but it […]

art fair

A New Way to Invest in Fine Art

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In uncertain times, the fine art market offers a reassuring investment opportunity. Largely immune to political change, it is less volatile than currencies or capital markets. The global market was worth more than $45billion last year, a 1.7% annual increase, according to the European Fine Art Foundation Report 2017. Prices have fallen back a little […]