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| Laura Querino

Breaking The Bias – McKay Williamson Celebrate Women Artists

In celebration of International Women’s Day, McKay Williamson, Art Gallery & Creative Agency pay homage to some of their most sought-after female artists.  Working with an eclectic mix of award-winning female artists from all over the world has given the gallery a distinctly international flavour in the art they can offer.

 “As a gallery, we have worked with many female artists over the years and discovered such variety in approaches to their work, that is both dynamic and detailed. Using their truth and personal histories, they have the ability to story-tell through their art which is truly inspiring,” commented Hala Foustok, PR & Marketing Director.

 Although women artists have been involved in the making of art throughout history, their work when compared to that of their male counterparts has often been overlooked and undervalued. Today we showcase three of the female artists whom the gallery loves for their diversity and ability to convey narratives through visual art.” 

 Acclaimed contemporary British artist, Jessica Zoob, now based in Hong Kong, is known worldwide for her ability to conjure bright new imagined worlds, infused with an emotional charge. Immensely versatile, she has collaborated with the National Theatre and Italian Designer Romo to create an award-winning line of textiles.

 Originally from North Finland, Ritva Georgiades made her home in the UK in 1969. As an artist, she uses colour, mixed media, and materials to create dimensional images either in abstract or in a more realistic form.  

 Marseillais Nushka Moreaux’s frothy impasto painting technique and striking compositions give her pictures a poignancy and psychological atmosphere that can make the busiest of us stop and think. Rooted in acute observation, her work hints at impressionist and cubist influences.

 McKay Williamson continues to untangle the gender bias by adding and championing more female artists to their creative portfolio. 

 Different to most London based galleries, they do not hold traditional solo artists exhibitions, instead they take their time with clients to understand their vision and to bring it to life. When art is so deeply personal, decisions aren’t instantaneous. McKay Williamson’s unique approach allows clients to have a more bespoke choice of style and composition to tell their story from BP award-winning portrait artists to abstract textile artists.


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