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| Laura Querino

Bernar Venet: 1961—2021 at Tempelhof Airport

On view from January 29th, 2022, in Kunsthalle, Berlin, internationally renowned French artist Bernar Venet will showcase the depth of his 60 years’ of artistic legacy, exhibiting the first of a series in Tempelhof Airport’s hangars two and three.

It is the largest and most comprehensive retrospective in the world to date, spanning the entirety of his complex and widely diverse legacy as a sculptor, painter, performance artist – and radical conceptual artist.

With 150 works exhibiting, it’s a rare opportunity to explore the artist’s uncompromising approach and natural obsessions for constantly shaping his environment through his art, with a focus on Venet’s work from 1966 to 1970 – revealing his conceptual years in the United States – and the extreme radicality of an artistic approach which gave him international recognition at a very young age.

Bernar Venet, 1961—2021 charts the trajectory of the artist’s career from his humble beginnings in his studio, which was made available to him by the French army during his military service. It’s also an ode to Dr. Paul Wember –  the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in Krefeld– the very first to grant the artist a solo exhibition in 1970 at a time when no gallery had shown his work outside of group exhibitions.

On view from January 29 – May 30, 2022, the show is the first in a series of exhibitions to unfold over the next two years in the Kunsthalle Berlin across the spectacular hangars 2 and 3 of Berlin’s emblematic Tempelhof Airport.

Bernar Venet, 1961—2021 is curated by Walter Smerling, and organized by the Stiftung für Kunst



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